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Title: GY — Lost Old City Series: Bell Tower
Size:  20" x 24" ( 50 x 60 CM)
Material: Oil On Canvas
Delivery Out: within 10 working days.


Bell Tower

Located next to the Drum Tower, the massive stone Beijing Bell Tower (Běijīng Zhōnglóu, 北京钟楼)
dates back to 1745, though the original wooden tower was completed in 1272 under the Mongol Yuan Dynasty.

A grand stone structure the Bell Tower features China's largest and heaviest bell (7 m tall, it weighs 63 tons),
which is rung by a large wooden beam suspended from the ceiling. If you're lucky, you'll be allowed a few rings
of the deeply resonant bell, a charming accompaniment to the excellent views of the city and the neighboring Drum Tower.


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