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If you like the books by Hermann Hesse,

you will like these woodcut works.

We have sold out 7 of the series only in 20 days.


Title: Miss
Size: 8" x 10" ( 20  x  25 CM )
Material: Woodcut with Water Color and Wax
Delivery Out: within 5 working days.


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Artist Introduction:

Meng Hao


2003-2008 BA in Sculpture, Central Academy of Fine Arts (TOP1 in China)
1999-2003 High School Affiliated to Central Academy of Fine Arts 



Exhibition in Berlin Art Center, Germany;
2007  Fable-Literary Experiments by Contemporary Visual Artists, Beijing
2010  Solo Exhibition, A Fable of the Antlers, Beijing


Art works collected by art collectors from Sweden, Germany and China. 

First Chinese artist 
interviewed by professional 
Italian Arts Magazine FEFÈ Issue No.12 

More Art Works By Meng Hao:

Looking Back ( Sold Out )


Meng Hao's Solo Exhibition 2006-2010


Bird Man ( Small Sculpture )

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