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Black Dream,Man,Girl,Bird,Surrealism,Oil Painting


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Professional Artist 

Title: Black Dream
Size:  24" x 32" ( 60  x  80 CM)
Material: Oil On Canvas
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Artist Introduction:

Tian Yu

Contemporary Artist;
Teacher of Top Fine Arts;
Writer cooperates with Famous Publishing Company



2003-2007 BA of Fine Arts School of Tsinghua University
1999-2003 High School Affiliated to Central Academy of Fine Arts



2012 International Residency Artist Project, Beijing
2011 Forget Art, Beijing
2011  Feelers of Dream, Beijing 
2011 Solo Exhibition, Beijing
Paintings bought by art collectors from Czech, Switzerland and China 

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Meet Yourself In The Crossed Time


Glass wall around the life corner,

A wisp of smoke from the burning garbage can brings with nostalgia mood.

The glass reflects derangement figures.

The old man and youth meet here and stare each other,

The old man is awaken by the youth to the bygone time.

The youth finds his future from the old man.

We always find some part of ourselves from another one.

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