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Title: Boy and Bird

Size: 13" X 13" ( 32 X 32 CM )

Material: Chinese Water and Ink on Paper, Hand-Painted

Delivery Out: within 2 working days.

Background Story:

The boy saved the bird and free it, and the bird fly back to appreciate his kindness.

Care more about animals, our life will be more beautiful.

I like this painting very much because I raise more than 10 birds in my gallery and free them everyday.

My son name is Morandi, a smart magpie,he fly away to the Forbidden City and come back every 2 hours 

to eat food, wash body and sleep when he was a baby. He even went out on my head to the book store 

and National Fine Art Museme.

Please see their photos:

1, Morandi and Picaso palying in front of my gallery;

2, Kafka talked with a little boy. 

Kafka, I miss you forever.



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